Tuesday, February 1

Things I would blog about if I had time

1. Don't complain about how other people ride their bikes, learn how to ride yours and be confident on how to ride.

2. I made it through a W Pro 1/2 race, with cat 5 C men, and I am no worse for the wear. The guys were petrified though. Favorite thing i asked them to do "please put your hands on the hoods, your freaking me out" very nicely of course. They really appreciated the help.

3. I have a higher potential to yard sale myself on railroad tracks than be taken out by the cat 5 men crashing around me. This really happened.

4. Brian is on a new cycling team, and they have a phone number on their jerseys. Call it.

5. There are 5 boxes of unopened Girl Scout cookies on the table. And I ordered three more from a kid at school. If the door bell rings again, we are all hitting the deck.

6. All I do is work, train, prep food, eat food, help with Team Redlands, coach 16 athletes, and sleep. Pretty boring. wink wink.

7. I really like that my new Team Redlands kit matches my bike, helmet, glasses and gloves to a T. I just need some new cycling shoes. Please.

8. We could also talk about how i am not a committed non-gluten eater, but maybe should be, but I am lacking the motivation and the time to research it. This small nutritional fact could be the key to reaching fighting weight and great success. Or not.


Kate said...

There's a gluten-free market in Claremont called StellaLucy (www.stellalucy.com). It was recommended to my hubby by a patient with celiac disease. I've never been there, but it might make the gluten-free hunt a little easier...

And that would be your random comment for the evening... : )

julene said...

All blog worthy info. BUT being GF is easy once you start and get in the swing of things:) rice not past. Potatoes. corn....blah blah

Trish said...

You look fantastic, girlfriend! Who needs gluten free? Now that is boring! ;-)

Anonymous said...

One way to know what you are doing is to read your blog! Thank goodness for your blog!! Auntie Beth