Tuesday, February 1

I bring the Party to the Party

Do not let the lack of updates fool you. There is a plethora of things to blog about these days, just never the time or energy to make it happen.

Everyone in town or Facebook Land seems to have a cold, so I thought I should try too. It's not too bad, especially when I can get hopped up on Dayquil, Coffee, and a new MultiVitamin before work. Today, I definately brought the party with me!

A few weeks back we had our winter formal and I was abliged to make an appearance. I was toying with wearing something black, grey, burgondy, but those were all way too drab. Instead, I opted for a dress online which showed up the day before and was perfect. This dress in fact was the runner up for Wedding Dress. No joke.

The kids thought it was awesome, said I looked like I was from Candy Land, which is one of the highest compliments ever received. One kid said it looked like the Wonder Bread package too.

My 9th grade class is pretty hip, but didn't know about Dumb and Dumber-fail! So I said if anyone dressed like them, I would buy them a box of chocolates. Paul won big time!
So now you know where to find me, at least you know we will be having fun!

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