Friday, September 17

I specifically blame YOU.

I blame these little germ carriers for my new-found illness. They may look cute and innocent, but alas they are not. Head cold, drippy eyes and coughing like kennel cough which releases crazy stuff from my lungs, I had to call in sick, for real, this morning.

Of course, right when the racing season comes to a screeching stop, the colds set in. I don't know if its the heat, stress, kids, lack of exercise and structure that lets the little guys creep in and take over. I think its because I had fun rides planned and good foods to eat and maybe a cool hike or two to accomplish. So, postponed they will be.

Hopefully I will be back on form by Monday, when the germ-carriers have their second volleyball game. It's a pretty big deal. As is my rat-tail in the picture.

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