Friday, December 12

Someone sold me out

Sales people keep calling my cell phone. i get all excited because my phone rings, then its a new number, oo, who could it be? Automated guy selling me something. Just because i rented a room at the Holiday Inn in Beaulton last year for the national race, they think we are friends now.

One guy even got upset with me, stating, "if you dont really want this package, don't waste my time." hold on, your the one wasting MY TIME!! He even ventured to ask my WHY I didn't have the $199.99 to secure a room for 4 days in Sedona for two adults and two children. Um, because it's just me and i probably dont want to take a friend plus their kids with me on a trip to Sedona.

I said well thank you for asking about my finances. Just today, i dropped $153.67 on a Garmin on the net. it should arrive within 2-3 business days. I spent all my money on racing, and i only go places to race, otherwise, you will find me within 77 miles of my front door.

Whoever put my number up for auction, i loath you.


Paige said...

doesn't loath have and e on it.. like loathe

Brian and Jenny said...

HI Joy
my email is
Jenny Smith