Wednesday, December 17

Can I interest you in some Chilean Sea Bass?

I am heading to Chile!! The longest country in world, with the hottest place in the world - the Atacama Desert where some spots have NEVER....received any rain!! (We learned that this year in Geography...)

I depart Thursday at noon, fly to Atlanta Georgia where I will hop onto a plane to Santiago Chile. I am not sure how long the flight is, but i get there the next day. I am presently downloading some movies to my iPhone, i hope my battery will last!!

I really do want to see if they serve the Sea Bass though, delic!!

Why am i going?!?! That is a really good question...i am joining my parents and the company they work for, Maranatha International, to build a church in the south of the country. In two weeks i will tell you all about it. I have visions of snow peaked mountains, steaming volcanos, hot springs, early morning runs, and lots and lots and I asked for cynder block duty. what ever is the MOST physically taxing job, give it to me!!

This is the first trip I CAN REMEMBER packing for WITHOUT any bike gear. None. Without any OPTIONS to ride bikes until January 3rd at 2pm. If it is raining that day, the rollers will be set up or i will brave it and ride in the rain in the dark!!!

We do get to go for a trek on this mountain and spending some time in the Chilean Lake District!

What i ask of you...RIDE YOUR BIKES AND LOVE IT!!! Spend time with the people you care about and care about you too. Enjoy good food, and well, give some pretty cool gifts this Christmas.

Until January...


Vegas said...

Wow, if they let you bring a couple back sign me up for one. Heh heh. Have an amazing exciting breathtaking wonderful time down there! And hopefully you got some good drugs to detox you from your two-wheeled addiction.

Veeze Price said...

watch out for those Bart flies!