Thursday, May 29

The Way others Live: update from the PCT

Periodically I receive an email from Malora and Carrie, chronicalling their travels on the Pacific Crest Trail. So far they have made it through 100+ degree weather, and here is a brief account of their run in with last weeks storm:

Hiked out of Wrightwood Friday morning with 3 other hikers. Summited Mt. Baden-Powell (named after the man who founded the Boy Scouts) at 9,300 ft. - the highest point in the Southern California section of the PCT. The climb was intense but a lot of fun. We lost the trail a few times but we proved to be decent hikers afterall. Camped at 7,500 ft. and woke up to 6 inches of fresh snow and it was still coming down.

In only two days we went from temps over 100 degrees to below freezing. Long story short: about 20 hikers were caught by the storm and due to our 3 season gear weren't quite prepared. The locals came to the rescue...Mt. Waterman Ski Area shuttled 12 soaking, shivering hikers up to their lodge by snowcat. It was like being on a skiing trip with all of our friends. The fire was blazing when we arrived, 6 inch floor mats to sleep on, space to dry all of our stuff, snowboards and boots out of the rental shop, and snowmobile was surreal and so much fun!!

The community of hikers is turning out to be an incredible, outstanding group of people. We are surrounded by generous and genuine people-this was a part of the trail we didn't expect.

Today we arrived at the Saufley's-also known as Hiker Haven. Donna Saufley takes a month off of work to house up to 50 hikers a night. She personally does your laundry. Real clothes are provided to wear. Showers. Internet. 2 vehicles are provided for hikers. Bed, cots, kitchen, unbelievable.

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Matt said...

God invented bikes so we wouldn't have to walk everywhere. Embrace pedal technology ladies.