Monday, May 12

I have arrived

1.) Junior High kids run from me because i am "so scary and mean." this is great news.

2.) After my ride sunday, (unfortunately) i hear rumblings that some kids are going to ride some bikes.

3.) And here they are. 5 students of mine, rolling the hills behind our house. They had so much fun, they planned another ride for Tuesday! We got to do flat fixes, seat adjustments, and Greg was in rare form slingin' shwag and showing them the ropes!

4.) Five years of yelling during PE and making them run the mile has finally paid off!!

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Dustin said...

haha, I used to ride my bike.. but then I out grew it and didn't feel like buying a new one.

also we moved to Reche Canyon and that place isn't very bike friendly (in my opinion)