Tuesday, January 29

"Why Joy Is Bad For You"

While surfing the net due to a horrific illness that caused me to call in a substitute today, using one of my coveted 10 sick days for the year, i found some shocking things. This however, is atrocious. JOY, happiness, and having a moderately good life, are bad for you.

A study suggests extreme happiness may be bad for you. Findings: 1) "The highest levels of income, education and political participation were reported not by the most satisfied individuals, but by moderately satisfied individuals." 2) Extremely happy people "earned significantly less money" and earned lower school grades than moderately happy people. 3) They "may not live as long," either. Theories: 1) Happiness makes you complacent and kills your drive. 2) It makes you slow to adapt. 3) It makes you too optimistic and insufficiently vigilant about your health. 4) It may overstimulate your cardiovascular system. Researchers' conclusions: 1) "Happiness may need to be moderated for success." 2) "Extremely high levels of happiness might not be a desirable goal." Human Nature's conclusions: 1) Success may need to be moderated for happiness. 2) Extremely high levels of success might not be a desirable goal.

This is ridiculous. good thing i am depressed, angry, motivated to take over the world all of which means like life is lacking a lot of JOY.


Matt said...

This miserable study stands for everything I believe in and I support its pathetic existance 100-percent.

Christie said...

what about the iJoy? is that bad for you too?

Vegas said...

So you're saying that Joy isn't joyful???

You do realize of course that this is just proof of the "ignorance is bliss" theory, which inversely means us smarties are doomed to melancholy. :(