Monday, January 21

what is this, a booby trap!!!?

DATA aka Jonathan Ke Quan, pictured here in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and quoted from, like, the best teen drama EVER, "Goonies"

Stef: Data where are you going?
Data: I'm setting booty traps.
Stef: You mean booby traps?

It seems that whenever i come to work on a holiday, some form of booby trap has been set. What gives man? I resent who ever and why ever these "things" if you can call them that, keep ending up in front of my stable door.

Christmas break found a ton of giant wooden black boxes blocking my path.

MLK day, today, i found giant signs, in even more giant cardboard contraptions, blocking. The only way in was to squeeze by the home and school recycle bins which get filled with things that are perishable and not recyclable.

Im over it. i am just going to surf the net, download music, and keep on bloggin.


They call it the Senior Rock. Kids get to paint it with pride blah blah blah. it just ends up looking like paint ball fodder and i think it is funny. some of my teaching allies, don't. We have spent about 68 minutes worth of meeting time discussing paint type, paint color, paint legibility, the times of the day when paint may be applies or removed, who in fact can do the applying and removing, and whether or not it should be sand blasted and rendered untouchable. once again, i think it is funny. Maybe that's why this stuff keeps ending up in front of my door...


I bought a new camera. i got a polaroid, with the ASSUMPTION that ALL pictures would come out in those nifty squares that youshake, shake it like a polaroid... but NO!!! Digital! What is this, the 2000's? There isn't even an OPTION for the shaker kinds. No choice at all! And, i can't seem to be smart enough to get the date off the pictures, which is the wrong date anyway!

Just because: there is an iTunes Free Down load, doesn't mean you have to take it. it is usually really bad and there is a reason it is free and all the others are $0.99 plus tax.

Just Because: iTunes makes you a list of songs, Just for You, doesn't mean you have to buy them, for $0.99 plus tax. Top of my list today: Bodies by Drowning Pool, Album SINNER. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE and how have they found me!!! i hope my mom doesn't see my list.

Oh, i totally forgot: I'm like an athlete, so trick this, i'm gonna go ride my bike!


Big Blog Collection said...
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Vegas said...

You musta gotten my iTunes list by mistake, sorry.

...oh, and "You call him Docta Jones!!!"

That kid is great!