Thursday, June 7

NVGP - 1 day away!

Boy does time fly! I am grabbing a latte at a small coffee shop before I drive Brian to the airport to head to Tulsa, OK for Tulsa Tough. Between bike-packing and food prepping, he took a few minutes to interview me about my new adventure. This is one of his "secret" fun things to do. Back when we met he was racing cat 3 and announcing for the Redlands Classic. That year Ina won, and he was so pumped to interview her.

This vlogging seems to be slightly above my pay scale, but until I figure it out better, here is the link to the vimeo video!

Joy McCulloch, NVGP Introduction

We are here to entertain! And to say thank you to all the NVGP sponsors and my teammates and sponsors at Helen's here at home for all the support and great opportunities!

More entertainment to come!!

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laura said...

I grinned all the way through. Thank you, Brian, for adoring my girl. It is so good to feel the love between you two!!