Tuesday, July 20

So, what your saying is I am supposed to update this thing?

My bad!
Since this blog is stale, for a myriad of reasons that don't even interest myself, you should go read these blogs in your spare time, since you have so much of it:

Allison Mann - racing with the big girl MTB'ers

And I can't really think of any other things that are interesting, besides the Tour, races all over the map, and soaring temperatures that are completely out of control. I have maxed out on 7 bottles during a ride, tomorrows may call for 8. This requires a great skill in knowing the NICE parks to get water and use the facilities at, and starting with at least one completely frozen bottle in my jersey pocket.

I also saw a lady, while I was refilling a water bottle at a park, running. She ran by my with this weird crunchy sound. At closer look, below her hooded (with hood donned on top of a beannie) sweatshirt, the draw strings of a kitchen trash bag were flowing behind her. REALLY?!? Do you want to die now? Or when you go sit in the sauna wrapped in seran-wrap later on. She had no water with her, and looked as if maybe this was her 3rd jog in say, 20 months. I got out of there ASAP, i mean I know CPR and first aid, just didn't want to put a wrench in my workout.

I know that's rude. But I was shocked. I want to see what Google Search spits out this lame information that leads people astray! FYI Fluid lost to sweat and evaporation during exercise must be REPLACED.

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Back In 1980 said...

just today someone pointed out that I went two days without a blog post ?....the average blogger posts twice a month...Thanks for the traffic I need as many people as possible joining hands and rooting for Frank I mean Andy.