Wednesday, January 4

Photo Dump

This weirdest thing happened when I connected my phone to my laptop tonight. A ton of pictures from the whole year showed up. And I had a few laughs. And winces. And just a bit of cheer.

What started as a dinner with friends, ended with this cake:

Brian proposed, and the celebrators didn't want to spoil the surprise (or what if I said no?!). And good luck we have had!
There was a bridal shower:

Where my friends from work came to celebrate with me. Even though I had quit work...I swear, one day I will blog about that and my new awesome endeavors...

This is one of my favorite pictures of Brian, ever! We totally tricked him into a photo shoot.

And then we cropped the CashCall Cycling socks out of the picture.

Riding my bike around town, I found the perfect spot to get married. The Lincoln Shrine.

Supposedly it was 103 degrees that day. But I don't remember. And Neil's pants were super short and his vest abnormally tight. And my bridesmaids were off the hook hawt. Note to self: When you allow them to select a "small black dress" and "shoes to match" they may out stage you. Just maybe. Those chicks have legs for days.

But it sure as heck beats the dress I had picked out. Paige was a good sport for at least one photo though. i still have them if you would like to buy them for the next quinceanera you are going to attend.

But before the wedding madness, we went on a trip. North to Boise then west to Bend OR.

The "Boys" as I like to call them, sure had fun with Brian's ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. And wake up bouncing off the walls. Mid Cascade Classic course recon in the sprinter van.

A photo stop a-top McKinzey Pass with Team in the making. And we had found snow.

Rewind even farther to base training last season and the memo Brian had put on my top tube:
SMASH BLVD and Dream Redlands. Eroded away by hours of training in rain, spilling electrolytes and sweat pouring off my nose.
I am most certain this badge of courage came from the Redlands Classic, man that thing lingered quite some time, great for conversation in health class watching the healing process.

The Classic also left me with a scapula that didn't want to rotate or move up and down. After my 3rd mid-race left side crash, Brian just stared and shook his head. Muttering, "Man my chick is sturdy. I can't believe she hasn't broken anything yet." In due time dear, due time.

This little guy healed so awesome, it looks like a heart. I asked Paige to Tat it up for me the day before the wedding. So funny because a lot of people actually thought I got it tattooed. Maybe for our 5yr anniversary. "BMc's Angel"

Closing shot. Just because I think its cool. Maybe I will find more photos to share for next time...