Thursday, July 16

Over Complicating the Mundane

So, I took a break. From the Internet. This decision has left me uninformed and I really actually like it.

One day, a few weeks back, I loaded the trusty Rally-Car Subarau with 5 bikes and headed north in a quest for cool ocean breeze, sweet single track, and stellar company. For once I can actually say, I found them all!!

The road racing scene is WACK which I fully became aware of as I ITT'd both a 60 mile road race and Crit in San Luis Obispo. The laundry list of "Things to work on and improve" grows and morphs each time I show up at these events. But I keep going out for more because the people are rad and the views fantastic!

Sister Julene from New Zealand, Brother Jeremy from Boulder, and well, me..IE BABY!

For fear of boring you (yawn) I will just cut to the gory stuff.
The kids "Stickered" me. And that Southern Hemishphere winter isnt working out too well for my sisters tan...
I met Gwenny!!! (this is a few days before she bit me...) And I got to see Griffyn!
We saw Zoo Things...
And we became Zoo Things!

We did Circus Stunts!!!

And rode in really small trains...

Then things went sideways. Super Bro Jeremy and I hit up some of THE BEST SINGLE TRACK I HAVE EVER RIDDEN. Heading up to Mr. Toads Wild Ride, South Lake Tahoe. 18 miles of pure bliss. Swoopy and dreamy and well banked, and everything a girl could ever want!!
After climbing and traversing for almost two hours, I dumped it, to the left, on a super techy ASCENT (that means UP...SAT word of the day) and yes, cracked my leg open on a perfect piece of granite!
ME: "Um Jeremy, I think we have a deep one"
BRO: "Yup, I can see your muscles and tendons."
ME: "Cool"
BRO: "Want me to clean it?"
ME: "Nope"
so i wrapped my trusty polk-a-dot tank on it and off we went.
Back at base camp, everyone was super worried about what to do....erm...I searched the iPhone for urgent care while! but really, they forced me to go. ONE GIANT STAPLE closed that sucker up!
Family photos by the lake...
Shared war-wounds

So the doctor said no riding. So the family decided that meant I would love to go hiking instead. um....FYI...that hurts a lot more. We are all VERY excited at this point.

Sunday group rides take on a different flavor these days!!

Baby Gwen give the adventure a Thumbs Up!!

And now, its just normal stuff again.